About Resistance Video

Resist TrumpismThe Resistance Video website is a video news portal designed for progressives and people interested in the RESIST movement.

This website was originally created as a resource for those who maintain it – but we are sharing it with everyone who wants a source of information that cuts through the smoke screen of right-wing propaganda.

Resistance Video grew out of frustration because of the deluge of fake news websites and video “news” posted on social media that serve as propoganda for people, groups, nations and organizations intent on spreading false information and messages of hate, class warfare and intolerance.

The Resistance Video website is clean, easy to access and navigate, constantly updated and fresh, and chock full of real news for people fed up with Trumpism, the GOP, fascists, dictators, corruption, collusion, treason and trickle-down economics.

Resistance Video features video from reputable media outlets, journalists, personalities, politicians and regular people (like you?) who are fighting the good fight when it comes to helping save and restore decency and democracy.

The videos on this website are selected for their relevance to the resistance movement and progressive politics – and in opposition of the Trump administration, the GOP, alt-right and right-wing ‘media’ outlets and personalities.

Media sources are reputable and trustworthy when it comes to delivering real news. We are not interested in being a liberal version of deceptive right-wing and alt-right fanatics like Breitbart, Rush Limbaugh and Fox News.

We do include footage of people and personalities who are sharing their opinions, but we do not advocate using deception or spewing ‘alternative facts’ in an attempt to mislead people.

Again – We have no interest in spreading misinformation or fake news.

If you have any videos that you think we should include on the Resistance Video website, please submit it to us.