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Don Lemon to Trump: What grade are you in?video

Don Lemon Wrecks Trump: What Grade Are You In?

CNN's Don Lemon has a message for President Donald Trump after reports that a man was arrested for threatening to kill CNN employees, citing "fake news."
NYT: How FBI's Russia probe beganvideo

How the FBI’s Trump-Russia Probe Really Began: NYT

Watch a detailed report about how the Trump-Russia investigation began in response to a drunken Trump team member, Papadopoulos, bragging to an Australian diplomat.
CNN host slams Trump allies for shielding himvideo

CNN Host Erin Burnett Slams Trump Allies for Shielding Him with Lies

CNN's Erin Burnett questions why allies of President Trump continue to dodge questions regarding controversial remarks made by the President. CNN News
Joe Biden: Trump is a jokevideo

Vice President Calls Trump a Joke

Former Vice President Joe Biden says he is amazed at some things President Donald Trump says and does, calling the President a "joke." The sad...
Chuck Schumer: This is the Trump shutdownvideo

Watch Chuck Schumer Call Out Trump and the GOP: This is the Trump Shutdown

Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) blames President Trump for the government shutdown after Congress failed to pass a spending bill. CNN News
Trump voter: Donald Trump will save us from ourselvesvideo

Trump Voters Give Him a Blank Check and Ignore Reality in Diner Interviews

Voters in Dawsonville, GA weigh in on President Trump's first year in office - and it isn't pretty. "Whatever he wants to do, he can...
Democrat: I'll build border wall myself for Dreamersvideo

Democrat Luis Gutierrez: I’ll Build Border Wall Myself — for Dreamers!

Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) discusses the ongoing government shutdown negotiations in Congress. CNN News
Ana Navarro: I'm sick of Trump demonizing immigrantsvideo

Trump and Kelly Demonizing Immigrants in Comments About DACA

Political commentator Ana Navarro says that White House Chief of Staff John Kelly's comments about some Dreamers being too lazy to sign up for...
Carl Bernstein: GOP's moves a 'Monday Night Slaughter'video

GOP’s Moves are a Monday Night Slaughter

CNN political analyst Carl Bernstein says FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe's departure and a passing vote by the House Intelligence Committee to release a...
Sen. Sanders: Trump's 'shithole' comment appallingvideo

Sen. Bernie Sanders Says Trump’s ‘Shithole’ Comment Appalling

Sen. Bernie Sanders responds to President Trump's comments referring to "shithole countries." CNN News