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Don Lemon tears apart Trump's border claimsvideo

Don Lemon tears apart Trump’s border claims

CNN's Don Lemon takes a deep dive into President Trump's false claims about border security in his Oval Office meeting with House Minority Leader...
Tapper calls out Sanders for 'facts' commentvideo

Jake Tapper Calls Out Sarah Sanders for ‘Facts’ Comment

CNN's Jake Tapper calls out White House press secretary Sarah Sanders for saying people are "not entitled to their own facts." CNN News
Trump voter: Donald Trump will save us from ourselvesvideo

Trump Voters Give Him a Blank Check and Ignore Reality in Diner Interviews

Voters in Dawsonville, GA weigh in on President Trump's first year in office - and it isn't pretty. "Whatever he wants to do, he can...
Don Lemon to Trump: What grade are you in?video

Don Lemon Wrecks Trump: What Grade Are You In?

CNN's Don Lemon has a message for President Donald Trump after reports that a man was arrested for threatening to kill CNN employees, citing "fake news."
Watergate reporters weigh in on Russia investigationvideo

Watergate Reporters Bernstein and Woodward Weigh in on Trump Russia Investigation

On State of the Union, Watergate reporters Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward look back at Trump's first year in office and its effect on...
White House: Trump was 'furious' over Bannon's commentsvideo

Trump Furious Over Bannon Comments According to White House

Watch the full White House press briefing with Sarah Sanders on January 3. CNN News
Trump: I signed more legislation than anybody (This is not true)video

Trump Lies, Says He Signed More Legislation Than Anybody Else

President Donald Trump falsely claimed he has signed more legislation in his first year in office than any other president. Why he would continue to lie about something so easily disproved is baffling - until you hear the lie repeated by Trump supporters as truth. Sad.
Joe Biden: Trump is a jokevideo

Vice President Calls Trump a Joke

Former Vice President Joe Biden says he is amazed at some things President Donald Trump says and does, calling the President a "joke." The sad...
NYT: How FBI's Russia probe beganvideo

How the FBI’s Trump-Russia Probe Really Began: NYT

Watch a detailed report about how the Trump-Russia investigation began in response to a drunken Trump team member, Papadopoulos, bragging to an Australian diplomat.
White House reporter: I've received death threatsvideo

White House Reporter April Ryan Receiving Death Threats

During a discussion on grading the White House press corps in 2017, American Urban Radio Networks Washington Bureau Chief April Ryan says she's received...