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Watch video from PBS relating to progressive causes, the resist movement, current events and politics. PBS is known for their accuracy in reporting the facts and not fake news.

PBS NewsHour Weekend full episode March 3, 2018video

PBS NewsHour Weekend full episode March 3, 2018

On this edition for Saturday, March 3, Florida considers gun restrictions, and how political conflict contributes to famine. Also, female jazz musicians bring attention...
How the consumer protection agency is being curtailed by the Trump administrationvideo

How Trump is Gutting the Consumer Protection Agency

The Trump administration has made it clear that it plans to roll back the once-tough approach of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which was...
The significance of Trump’s reported order to fire Muellervideo

Trump’s Reported Order to Fire Mueller – Why it Matters

President Trump reportedly ordered the dismissal of special counsel Robert Mueller last June, but backed down after White House counsel Don McGahn said he...
PBS NewsHour full episode January 25, 2018video

PBS NewsHour full episode January 25, 2018

Thursday on the NewsHour, President Trump brings his message of American success to Davos. Also: Gymnastics moves forward after sexual abuse, the classified document...
PBS NewsHour full episode January 24, 2018video

PBS NewsHour full episode January 24, 2018

Wednesday on the NewsHour, former U.S. Gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar is sentenced to up to 175 years in prison after more than 150 women...
What we know about Sessions’ questioning in the Russia probevideo

What We Know About Sessions’ Questioning in the Russia Probe

For the first time, a member of President Trump's Cabinet has talked to the special counsel's office investigating Russia; Attorney General Jeff Sessions was...
News Wrap: Court tosses out Pennsylvania’s gerrymandered congressional mapvideo

Court Tosses Pennsylvania’s Gerrymandered Congressional Map: a Major Victory for Democrats and Voters

In our news wrap Monday, Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court threw out the state's congressional map for being heavily gerrymandered to benefit Republicans. Also, Turkey continued...
Women’s March focuses on voter registration at Las Vegas eventvideo

Las Vegas Women’s March Focuses on Voter Registration

As cities across the U.S. held Women’s Marches to mark the anniversary of President Trump’s inauguration, thousands attended the “Power to the Polls” rally...
WATCH: House Democrats address government shutdownvideo

WATCH: House Democrats Talk About Government Shutdown

House Democrats will address the government shutdown, now in its third day. PBS Newshour
PBS NewsHour Weekend full episode January 21, 2018video

PBS NewsHour Weekend full episode January 21, 2018

On this edition for Sunday Jan. 21, Republicans and Democrats remain far apart on an agreement to reopen the government. And, during a weekend...