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Watch video from PBS relating to progressive causes, the resist movement, current events and politics. PBS is known for their accuracy in reporting the facts and not fake news.

PBS NewsHour full episode, January 2, 2018video

PBS NewsHour full episode, January 2, 2018

Tuesday on the NewsHour, Iran’s supreme leader breaks his silence about the growing tensions within his country, blaming “enemies” for nationwide protests and a...
PBS NewsHour - Full Episodevideo

PBS NewsHour – Full Episode

PBS Newshour
How do Americans view 'fake news' today?video

How Americans View ‘Fake News’ Today

President Donald Trump has tweeted about “fake news” repeatedly during his first year in office. Margaret Sullivan, a media columnist for The Washington Post,...
How is the Iranian government responding to protests?video

How is the Iranian government responding to protests?

President Donald Trump tweeted that the ‘U.S. is watching’ Iran’s continuing protests. Abbas Milani, director of the Iranian Studies program at Stanford University, analyzes...
News Wrap: South Korea extends olive branch to rival Northvideo

South Korea Extends Olive Branch to Rival North Korea

In our News Wrap Tuesday, South Korea calls for high-level talks with North Korea following softened remarks from leader Kim Jong Un, who offered...
PBS NewsHour full episode, January 1, 2018video

PBS NewsHour full episode, January 1, 2018

Monday on the NewsHour, anti-government protests continue across Iran, leaving at least a dozen dead. Also, what signals did North Korean leader Kim Jong...
Decoding the mixed signals in Kim Jong Un’s New Year speechvideo

Decoding Kim Jong Un’s New Year Speech

In his annual New Year’s address, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un boasted of his country’s nuclear power, while reaching out to South Korea...
News Wrap: Fatal airstrikes in Yemen mark start of 2018video

News Wrap: Fatal Yemen Airstrikes; Bitter Cold Hits US

In our News Wrap Monday, security officials and witnesses say at least 23 people have died in airstrikes in Yemen by Saudi Arabian coalitions....
What's fueling protests in Iran?video

Thomas Erdbrink on What’s Fueling the Protests in Iran

Thomas Erdbrink of the New York Times speaks with William Brangham of PBS NewsHour PBS Newshour
Police often ill-equipped to handle hate crimesvideo

Hate Crimes: Police Often Ill-Equipped to Handle Them

Less than half of people who are victims of hate crimes file reports with police, and an even lesser percentage see a conviction. In...