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News and comments from the Resistance – dedicated to supporting progressive causes and educating people on the dangers of the GOP platform, it’s leadership and Donald Trump.


Sinclair’s Right-Wing Propaganda Machine Strikes Local TV Stations Nationwide

This stomach curdling video should sound an alarm to all Americans. The message Sinclair Broadcast Group made it's news anchors read to viewers about "fake" news is truly frightening. Resist!
Hope Hicks Trump Obstruction of Justicevideo

Watch: Hope Hicks Bombshell – Obstruction of Justice with Trump to Destroy Emails

Late breaking news from the New York Times. According to reporting, Mark Corallo, who served as a spokesman for Donald Trump’s legal team before...
Melber: Devin Nunes Memo Like Dumbo’s Magic Feather | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBCvideo

Devin Nunes Memo Like Dumbo’s Magic Feather, Says Ari Melber

A Trump DOJ appointee says releasing a secret FBI memo would be “extraordinarily reckless” and the “secret society” smear on the FBI is demolished...
WH Lawyer Scrambles To Walk Back Impromptu Trump Mueller Comments | The Last Word | MSNBCvideo

Trump Lawyer Scrambles To Walk Back Trump’s Mueller Comments About Testifying | The Last...

Trump repeatedly told reporters he'd love to talk to Robert Mueller under oath. Trump biographer Tim O'Brien (who has faced Trump in court) says...
Rosenberg: President Trump Attacks On FBI Are 'Smacks Of Obstruction' | MTP Daily | MSNBCvideo

Rosenberg: President Trump’s Attacks On FBI ‘Smacks of Obstruction’

Former U.S. Attorney Chuck Rosenberg says attacks on the credibility of the FBI: "This is bad, I don't believe it's fatal." Rosenberg: President Trump...
Women's marches draw crowds in US - BBC Newsvideo

Women’s Marches Draw Big Crowds in US to Oppose Trump and GOP

Women's marches are being staged across the US on the first anniversary of President Donald Trump's inauguration. The biggest event is planned for Las Vegas...
Despite Republican control, Trump relies on executive orders to push his agendavideo

Despite Republican control, Trump relies on executive orders to push his agenda

The tax reform law stands as President Trump's only major legislative accomplishment during his first year in office. Meanwhile, he has been creating executive...
CNN host slams Trump allies for shielding himvideo

CNN Host Erin Burnett Slams Trump Allies for Shielding Him with Lies

CNN's Erin Burnett questions why allies of President Trump continue to dodge questions regarding controversial remarks made by the President. CNN News
Father of two deported after 30 years in US - BBC Newsvideo

Father of Two Deported After Living in US for 30 Years, Since Age 10

A man who had lived in the US for 30 years was deported on Monday after being ordered to present himself with a one-way...
Donald Trump Plays Golf On MLK Jr. Day, A Day Of Service | All In | MSNBCvideo

Donald Trump Plays Golf On MLK Jr. Day, A Day Of Service | All...

The president played golf for the 94th day since he took office on the holiday which is traditionally a day of service. So not...